Pritchard-Gordon Tankers Ltd are seeking to recruit suitably qualified people who wish to pursue a rewarding sea-going career. We run an active Cadet Training Scheme at South Shields Marine School, part of South Tyneside College, where you would undergo practical and theoretical training, both during College phases and on sea-going trips. This cadetship culminates in achieving a Diploma in Shipping and Marine Operations, an HNC formal qualification and a Certificate of Competency as an Officer of the Watch in Deck or Engineering. You will also have gained all the practical experience you need to start your career as an officer at sea. You can normally expect your training to last approximately two and a half to three years, split between College and sea phases. You should be at least 18 years old at commencement of your first sea phase. Our minimum seatime requirement is 14 months for Deck and 8 months Engineers. Salaries, once qualified, start at around £26k for 4th Engineers and £31k for 3rd Deck Officers, tax-free (subject to HMRC current regulations) rising to over £60k depending on rank, and often with six months leave every year. With all board and lodging paid for whilst you’re at sea, it is an extremely attractive career package. Whilst under sponsorship as a cadet you will receive a weekly training allowance, paid monthly in arrears by Pritchard-Gordon Tankers directly into your bank account. These amounts are made up of part funding and part UK government training grants. Pritchard-Gordon Tankers will also financially assist in purchasing College uniform. Course fees and travel costs to and from College at the beginning and end of each term will be paid by the company. All travel costs incurred joining/leaving vessels are paid for in full by the company. For details of becoming a cadet, download the PDF.