As usual the summer is exam time for the cadets and it is pleasing to report that the four engineer cadets completing their training this year, Shaun Gibson, Jonathan Hodson, Sean Hunter and Liam Stidolph, have done exceptionally well by passing both written and oral examinations at the first attempt.

Furthermore, Liam attained a grade 3 in the written exams which was the highest in the class—well done!

Whilst the lads have obviously put in a lot of effort gratitude must go to those who have supported them during their training.

The final phase Deck cadets sat their written exams on 3rd and 4th June, with the results expected at the end of July, and have their orals booked for July/August. They still have a bit of studying to do yet but it is hoped that their achievements will mirror that of the engineer cadets.

The Spring has been a busy time for recruiting next year’s new cohort of cadets and five deck and three engineer cadets have been accepted for sponsorship and are planned to commence training on 8th September at South Tyneside College.