Lesley PG Rescue

On 27th September the Lesley PG, whilst en route  from St. Johns, Antigua to Cole Bay, St. Maarten, rescued two persons from the sea after they had abandoned their sunken Boston whaler fishing boat Rum Punch.

The Lesley PG was contacted at 1737 by the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard Airplane and requested to divert to assist with the search and rescue of two persons sighted in the water. At 1747 a smoke marker distress signal was sighted by the lookout and by 1820 the vessel was at the rendezvous position with the rescue boat in the water.

By 1825 the two casualties were on board Lesley PG and after assessing the casualties condition they were given first aid treatment and after a shower, dry clothes, and a meal they were starting to recover from their ordeal.

After the Lesley PG anchored in Cole Bay at 2320 that evening the casualties were landed ashore.

The rescue made the local press with the following text included in the report:

“They were not only rescued, but the captain also gave them a couple hundred dollars as they lost everything on the vessel.  Still a lot of kind people in the world!”